09/22/2014 18:25
With the increase of technology smart phones becomes important for us in our day to day life.We are using android phones to access internet, to use apps and play games, for entertainment etc. There are plenty of android apps available on android market for electronics students to study.Using android apps will save our time and make our job very faster. Here is a list of android apps for Electronics students and electrical students. These apps help us in circuit simulation , analyzing, conversion and designing etc. 1. Electro Droid: ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of...
09/02/2014 11:58
PC Softwares PAD 2 PAD software Features of PAD2 PAD softwares: User-friendly, intuitive interface Instant pricing and ordering Auto routing Net list import Auto error check Ground planes BOM integration with digikey Snap-to-line mode DXF import Any board shape Trace simplifier Cutouts To download the software click on the download link   DOWNLOAD LINK        ANDROID APPS DROID PCB   Droid PCB is a printed circuit board designer program for Android. Features: -Create/save/load your project from your SD card -Design double...
08/28/2014 15:28
LED RESISTOR CALCULATOR FOR PC      LED resistor Calculator is a free application which is very useful for those who wants to experiment with LEDs in different power supply. In this software there is common LED voltage drop chart as follows:   To download this application for PC ( windows any version) click : HERE     FOR ANDROID     To download this application for Android (version 2.2 & above) click : HERE      FOR WINDOWS PHONE  To download this application for Windows phone click:...
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