08/07/2015 10:52
40 Flashing LED  The 555 circuit below is a flashing bicycle light powered with four C,D or AA cells (6 volts). Two sets of 20 LEDs will alternately flash at approximately 4.7 cycles per second using RC values shown (4.7K for R1, 150K for R2 and a 1uF capacitor). Time intervals for the two...
08/28/2014 21:46
  This circuit contains some electronics parts which is using on 220v AC power lines directly & there is no transformer to step down the voltage. The capacitor .22uF 400v used for volt drop & the resistance 1K 1/2w is usec for current drop. I recommend you to use a Fuse by replacing...
08/28/2014 21:39
Here is a simple USB powered lamp that can be used to light your desktop during power failures. The circuit operates from the 5 Volt available from the USB port.The 5V from the USB port is passed through current limiting resistor R2 and transistor Q1. The base of transistor Q1 is grounded via R1...


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