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Hello viewers My slef Subham Chatterjee the owner of Subham's Electronics Circuits World. I have started my electronics life since childhood with a LED & a battery. Now I have made different circuits. This is my website where you will get some extraordinary things such as different circuits with parts list, IC & Transistor pin configuration & many more. Here you also get softwares, news on electroics. 

I don't belief on the conditional help, so I made this website an open source area to all of you for help each other, give different types of innovative ideas, to get help from me & many other electronics hobbiest, scientiests. But I belief that if I can do for all of you this small thing you can also..


So this is my request to all of you please visit this site as well as the official page of Subham's Electronics Circuits World & give likes in facebook page as much as you can. Share this website, facebook id to all your circle to help them & give me only some likes.... To like on the official page of Subham's Electronbics Cicuits World you see that at  homepage there is a app of facebook like box , just click on on like  thats it... or click here: FACEBOOK OFFICIAL PAGE


Ok I hope you will Enjoy here in this new, innovative & helpful World of Electronics 

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I have Started my journey with Electronics since childhood & I would like to help people on electronics circuits making, projects making, PCB designing & many other electronics related areas. Subham's Electronics Circuits World is the world of possibilities related to Electronics

I saw that there are several Electronics Websites whrere they gives you the circuits diargram in very small size, to see it you need to register there. But I think unwanted regisatration can fill up your email box with some gerbage emails with promotional ads, subscription ads & many more. But in my website there is no question to do that unwanted works, as because I belief that people will stick together with them/him/her who will give them more oppertunities, help without any condition.


There is also an issue to make my website free as I also saw there are some websites who post micrcontroller based projects but the projects either not tested or there is a conditional area to get the source code of those circuits. But here is no chance to do that kind of things. I gave here tested circuits of microcontroller with source code, here is an option to download the source code With Out any SURVEY or REGISTRATION or any Promotional work, which mismatch with the rules of my website.

   This is my mission to help all the people who loves Electronics, thinks about electronics, want to make different types of electronics projects & amny thing related with electronics.

     I think that people have to be very practicle in this age/ generation & to be faster than any body, so here I gave an oppertunity to get different types of Electronics Related news. Here is a software page to get softwares, apps for Windows PC( MAC & Linux coming soon) , for Android  platform & Windows platform. This is the right place to get different types of help, circuit making help, product related help to become more knowledgable on Elcetronics..


08/28/2014 14:46
    OLED is an emerging display technology that enables beautiful and efficient displays and lighting panels. Thin OLEDs are already being used in many mobile devices and TVs, and the next generation of these panels will be flexible and...
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