USB powered stereo amplifier for PC

09/14/2014 11:03

This is the circuit diagram of USB powered computer speaker, or it widely known as multimedia speakers for PCs. The circuit has single-chipbased design, low-voltage electrical power supply, compatibility with USB power from computer, simple heat-sinking, inexpensive, large flexibility and wide temperature tolerance.


Circuit Diagram:


Working Oparation:

The operation of the circuit is very simple. Audio signals from the Computer audio port or headphone port are fed towards the amplifier circuit via R2 and C2 (for left channel), and R3 and C3 ( forright channel). Potensiometer VR1 used as the volume controller for left (L) channel, while potensiometer VR2 used to control the volume level of right (R) channel. Pin 7 of TDA2822M receives the left channel sound signals and pin 6 receives the right channel signals by way of VR1 and VR2, correspondingly. Amplified signals for driving the left and right loudspeakers can be obtained at pins 1 and pin 3 of IC1, correspondingly. Components R5 and C8, and R6 and C10 form the classic zobel network.

Construct the circuit on a medium size, general purpose PCB and enclose inside a appropriate case. It really is recommended to utilize a socket for IC TDA2822M. The external connections ought to be made working with suitably screened wires for improved result.


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